Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud Infrastructure

Next-Gen Data Centers Bring the Digital Edge to the Data

Decentralized infrastructure is allowing IT leaders to embrace the possibilities of everything from multi-cloud deployments to edge capabilities such as IoT.

Unified Communications


Does UCaaS Really Improve Customer Experience?

A recent study shows that cloud-based unified communications is a CX game-changer, but it's not the most popular reason to head to the cloud.  Find out which kill apps are driving more businesses to the cloud.

Internet of Things


Top 10 IoT Applications of 2020

Which applications are leading the charge in IoT? Click here to learn about how companies leveraging IoT to collect and analyze data to make more informed decisions in real-time.



2020 Shaping Up to be Record Year for Cyber Criminals

In the past, cyber criminals had to be technical and clever. In 2020, with the help of open-source hacking software, just about anyone can start up their own ransomware franchise and reap record profits.



4G Unlimited Broadband Plans? Our Experts Say 'Get Ready'

While the 5G and fiber providers fight for customers in the major metro markets, cable and yes, Unlimited 4G services are now locked in a dual for the 25-50 Mg broadband B2B market.

Contact Center


Will AI Chatbots Ever Perform as Well as Human Agents in the Contact Center?

Recent advances in AI technology have taken automated customer support to a new level, allowing more users than ever to self-service without having to talk or chat with human contact center agents, but does it come at a price?

Phone Systems


3 Easy Steps to Cloud Migration 

Moving to the cloud? It doesn't need to be complicated or expensive. Here we share three simple steps that will ensure you're able to select the right vendor, how to make a smooth transition, and how to convert your old system into months of free service.

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